Express Treatment

7 different targeted treatments that address common skin concerns and types. Great for busy people or regular skin maintenance.

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DMK Signature Enzyme Therapy

Exfoliate, oxygenate, lift and tone. Experience this world famous treatment that has been changing skin for 40 years. There is simply nothing else like this, with amazing results after one treatment.

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Instant Lift

Designed to firm, tone and brighten your skin, Instant Lift will give you a youthful, healthy, glowing appearance in just one in-clinic treatment. This instant ‘pick me up’ is the perfect choice of skin treatment prior to any wedding or party.

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Imitating Nature for Natural Results

Looking for a choice between the dermatologist and the spa? About  Face Plus is changing the skin care experience by combining the quality and expertise of European aesthetics with natural, non-invasive and pain free treatments. Botanical based, pharmaceutical grade and cruelty free products with professional advice from trained skin therapists.


B & A Muscle Banding

Natural Choices

Surgery, Injectables or Drugs shouldn’t be your only choices when it comes to getting results in skin care. About Face Plus offers Natural, Non-Invasive and Drug Free results in a professional and relaxing environment.